Backing Up WordPress: Protocols to Protect Your Website Data

When running a WordPress website, its critical to regularly back up your data. Having a secure backup system in place is a proactive way of ensuring your data is secure and can be recovered in the event of a disaster.

WordPress Backup Protocols

Below are the recommended protocols for how to regularly back up your WordPress website data:

    • Complete File System Backup: This includes all of your core WordPress files, images, plugins, themes, and database information. Generally, a service like File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or a server control panel like cPanel are used to access the files, allowing you to download them as a zip file.
    • Database Backup: This includes all information related to blog posts, settings, comments, and links. A service like phpMyAdmin is recommended for backing up your database.
    • Incremental Backups: With incremental backups, you only back up the changes you’ve made since your last complete backup. This is a great way to save storage space since a full backup of all the files and database information can take up a lot of room in the long run.
    • Off-Site Backups: It’s important to also store your backups off-site, that way if something happens to your data on your web host servers, you’ll still have a backup you can retrieve from another location.

Bottom Line

Backing up your WordPress website data regularly is essential for maintaining security and ensuring that your site is protected in the event of a disaster. Utilize these protocols for following a secure backup approach.